Kareem Taha M.

Kareem Taha M.

Kareem Taha M. was born in December of 1990 in Cairo, Egypt. After graduating university with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he followed his passion for visual arts by working as a graphic designer in several companies, investing in his talents and adding video editing to his professional portfolio. His other passion, however, is storytelling, and he has been working on nurturing it in parallel with his professional career. His favorite writers include Michael Crichton and John Green, and he dubs playwright August Wilson and author Dennis Lehane as his main influences. Kareem is also an avid cinephile, particularly fascinated by African American history. 

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  • True Hope

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    I still remember it like it was yesterday, it was winter time and that specific night the sky was raining like it has never rained before. Everyone was either hanging out indoors hiding from the rain or at home just watching TV, for me I was coming out of the coffee house we always go to and I found Mike just standing there under the rain holding a box, I knew he was going through tough times and it looked like he just broke up with his girlfriend so I went to comfort him. "I don't want to leave until I know you're going to be ok," I said sadly.

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