Dragonfly Book Review

Jun 30, 2021

Discover, learn and enjoy
Parents are always looking for the simplest ways to enhance the education of their children about mathematics. What do you think of a simple booklet that explains all the details of this science in a simple style, and expressive graphics that attract the attention of children?
This is specifically provided by the book "Dragonfly" by writer Soumaya Ibrahim, issued by "Kutubna" for publishing and distribution, and the book relies on the fact that the child possesses special skills, just like the dragonfly, such as love of discovery, imagination, rapid learning and self-education.
In this book, children from 4 to 6 years study 4 key elements to understand the different math’s fields that meet international curriculum standards and are included in Egypt's Vision 2030:
First: Counting and cardinality (the concepts of numbers and quantities, comparing and sorting elements in a group and ordinal numbers).
Second: simple algebraic operations such as addition and subtraction.
Third: Measurement (weight, length, and size).
Fourth: Simple geometric concepts (shapes, solids, and directions).
In brief, we can say that this book will benefit your child in many directions. He will learn the shapes and solids’ functions, the nature of their formation, how to draw them and how to determine directions. He will also learn how to count, arrange, add and subtract numbers, and how to classify, measure and compare things. This book encourage him to explore and learn through everyday objects and to notice how things around him are similar or different.
Dragonfly Math’s first steps is supported by simple and gorgeous illustrations that arouse the child's interest and attract his eyes. He will be dazzled by the breathtaking drawings. Our two wonderful graphic designers, Nada Ahmed and Sharifa Hafez worked on it.
If you are looking to nurture your child's knowledge about mathematics and geometry, this book will be your ideal choice, as it offers a new way to discover, learn and succeed through fun exercises throughout this exciting journey.
Your child will discover himself, learn and succeed 'all on his own'. He will look into his deeper abilities, discover and grow through activities and exercises that allow him to have fun while learning.
We hope this book will make the change you love.

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