Letters from Mars

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the development of science and technology was supposed to lead us to a much better reality than what we live today, but the earth witnessed the worst on its surface. All sciences are superficial unless the significance is extracted from them and once they are understood they become a spiritual tool for refining the human being. The book of letters from Mars, with its sub-title "The essential existence of the truth", in fact,it is nothing but a conceptual look at the facts around us. To understand the universe impartially, we must look at the top to remove feelings and open the door to logic in interpreting things, so the "opportunistic view" was the first part of the book to prepare for the arrangement of papers. Knowing how we grew up is the first step in our path to knowing ourselves as human beings, so if we reflect "from a vital view" on the structures of this body, we have thus set ourselves on the ladder to reach the level of man. After we have relatively crossed the stage of enslavement in violence, today governments are voluntarily building on the basis of people's ignorance. A panel "from a social perspective" is formed to show us how we got here this crazy day. And in "My Poetry Orientation", concepts are listed on the melody of hearts, after analysis and reflection of ideas

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  • asmaa

    Sep 27, 2023

    مااعجبني نهائي يتكلم عن الله بصفة وطريقة لا تليق الله المستعان نسال الله له الهداية ويعود الى صوابه ويستغل موهبته في الكتابه في شيء يرضي الله ولا يبغضه