Author: Mohamed Fadel
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An inspiring memoir of a young man who went from being an extreme introvert to becoming the leader of the world's largest youth-led organization. At only 24, this shy introvert became the leader of 40,000 young people and spoke on behalf of youth everywhere.

In a world in which more often the extroverts shine, it is difficult at times to conquer leadership when one is an introvert. This memoir illustrates the struggles and self-doubt that many introverts experience. But it is also a powerful example of how one young man’s ambition doesn’t allow his introverted ways to stop him from achieving his goals to lead an international organization present in over 120 countries and territories.

This memoir will take you through his personal journey with all its struggles and success. It will show you the non-glamorous side of leadership that is often kept behind closed doors. He reels you in by writing about his triumphs and disappointments in infallible candor and brings his story to life with sheer authenticity. It’s a story of one young man’s ongoing battle with embracing the paradoxes of life while he tries to navigate his way through its many uncertainties.

Heartwarming, intimate, and witty, Grayscale is an uplifting memoir of an individual’s transformation in pursuit of finding meaning and purpose.

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  • marwan mansi

    Jul 19, 2020

    The memoir isn't just about the author story and the experiences he went through, it gives you insights into your own life and you find yourself connected with it in a unique way. I really recommend it to all the young people out there who are seeking genuinely true leadership stories.