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Author: الدكتور حسن علي نور الدين نصرت
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Recent Cosmological development have shown us that our universe is a dynamic “living” entity. Indeed the analogy between the creation of a human being and the universe cannot be mistaken. A human begins from a single cell, whereas the universe began from a singularity. Both goes through embryological periods, for human it is nine months, whereas for the universe it is about half a billion year before the birth of its first stars.  Once born, both have to undergo growth and maturation before reaching adolescence. The universe needed nine billion years to reach the functional maturity required to form the Solar system. From there on, it was another four billions years of amazingly ordered preparations before the chosen planet, the Earth became ready to receive us.

This book is a journey, for ordinary people, just like you and me, who wants to understand the scientific truth behind our existence. We will get to  understand the ubiquitous features of  exquisite design in our universe, from its tiniest atom to its massive Galactic. No one with fair, and sound logic can deny that this could not be except for the work of a Super-Intelligent, Supernatural Being, the Ultimate Truth.

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