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When the events of life on the ground become closer to the world of is then possible for science fiction to descend and touch the ground of reality and add its color to overwhelm the events of life and be associated with them, so that the new situation takes on a familiar character.. When reality, with its events, mixes with imagination in its degrees, it is imperative that a contemporary, yet out of the ordinary, treatment of lived reality be undertaken. And when love arises in such an atmosphere, the love must be at the level of the saying - love works miracles - What is meant by miracles here with regard to the romantic aspect of the novel is not the events that are attributed to direct divine intervention. Rather, the word miracle refers to the hero’s endurance of the circumstances and obstacles that contributed to divine aid in the first place, and then their inert abilities. To overcome it and withstand it as much as possible.. If the definition of a miracle is that it is a clear cut that occurs in the laws of nature.. then what happened on the ground of events can be described as similar to a miracle!! I intended to write a summary of the novel (Egyekwin) in the traditional style.. but the words refused to fit together.. The events of the novel wrestled in my mind The bottom line is what you just read.

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  • ahmed mortada

    Jan 06, 2023

    كتاب مشوق من النبذه المختصرة

  • MoOOony

    Feb 04, 2023

    رواية حقيقي شيقة وأحداثها ممتعة جدا المزج بين الفانتازيا والواقع اعطي أجواء مثيرة فعلا شابووو للكاتب محمد حسن عبد الجابر وفي إنتظار المزيد

  • Omar Mohamed

    Feb 06, 2023

    كتاب رائع جدا ❤