The Chronicles Of Leader Shit

Author: فريق كتبنا
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You might be sitting there, coffee in hand, thinking: “Oh great! Yet another book on leadership as if we don’t have enough al-ready!” Well, before you jump to conclusions and toss this one into the pile, hold on a minute! This isn’t your typical leadership book. No, this is the oddball cousin, the black sheep of the fam-ily – this is about when leadership goes awry; when it ceases to be “leadership” and becomes...,well, “leadershit”.

If you’re feeling a chuckle bubbling up, good! We’re here to learn, yes! But we’re also here to laugh. Because let’s be honest, sometimes the situation is so bad that you’ve got no choice but to laugh, cry, or shake your head in disbelief. And believe us, there will be plenty of head-shaking moments as we delve into some of the most notorious “leadershit” moments in business history.

But here’s the twist: we want to hear from you too! You heard that right, we’re sure you’ve had your fair share of (“Oh, crap! This is definitely not leadership!” moments). And we’re all ears! Because we know that every one of you out there has a #leader-shit_moment to share, and these real, raw experiences are gold mines of learning.

So, as you read, laugh, and probably groan your way through these pages, we hope you’ll also reflect on your journey.

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