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  • The stolen spirit

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    <p>What has lived in you only a life that you live with all its optimism .. despair .. weakness .. Energy . A life she lives in every detail .. Will she resist and rise, or will she remain miserable, chased by ghosts? The life you can kill and live ..? Many, many experiences pass deep into your mind, which wants to resist the extent Ideas you want to resist. Did you wake up from what you were in the past ..! Do you dream of another place ..!</p>

  • Kingdom of Ideas

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    We often look for ourselves ..! Often the road is unnoticeable or dark .. but! What is that black spot if ..! What are the volcanoes that are shaking while they are about to boil and explode inside you .. What are the gray fragments that form one after the other .. So what do you say to your thoughts .. What do you speak up ..! Didn't you tell her that you are really multi ..? Did the human condition not find answers available to all around you ... at that time when you did not throw peace upon yourself ..! While another mazes sailing inside you sailing on the throne of your thoughts .. Did it not remind you of something ..! It remained inside you, leaving you with multiple questions ..! So I kept looking for her in the compassionate self dictionaries ...! She kept breathing her coolness ... her knife ... her stray looks ... Her inner conversations that nobody knows about her .. What did you do with it ..? What do you see it ..? When looking for existence .. !! From the world .. !! How far did you reach these questions ..! How much do you really know .. Did she know her question well .. her chronic straying .. her self-throne ..! She was ..! She is yourself ... my dear ..

  • Chizufrinia Friends

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    The shortest path to the truth is the truth, meaning that if he wants to reach a need, he must reach it right from the right path in order to reach the right .. and while my son is false, he is invalid .. In our life, there are many needs that are wrong .. And to cool them in our lives are true needs .. But you see my nation comes today when we return to the right in order to reach the right to this .. My nation comes today to strive for the truth. Today it is not far from you .. Today it is in your hands .. Fight .. Just do not because of anyone .. First .. No, because of yourself first .. There is no limit to the rest of the day .. The day of reckoning you will be held accountable on your own for your mistakes .. strive for Yourself ..

  • Falling letters

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    Those letters that fell on my mind from the bottom of my breath ... I hope that they will penetrate the depths of your hearts and minds

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