Eman Abo Amer

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  • listen to my eyes

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    <p>Yara remained seated, not moving a finger, relaxing nerves, as if she had dropped all the burdens on her and had surrendered, feeling the frost entering her body and the contraction, opened the doors to escape her blood from her vessels, and then she succumbed to the matter saying to herself: &ldquo;If my friend left me and left with her deadly look and does not blame on her, then what about Yasin? My face, and maybe he thinks that I am a criminal, and perhaps ..... all have one meanings to be away from him, all of you except as long as you are deceiving and treacherous in his eyes, but you must submit to this rascal, I am afraid to ally with those who killed my father and weaves with them to harm me ...... I do not know ... .... tired often, I have no choice but to surrender.</p>