محمود حافظ

محمود حافظ

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  • The Black Nails

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    a Visitor who always comes by with no alert and with no scheduled appointment. not only that; he just kick in your space and takes something, something that is expensive and precious, something that you will have it anyways, no matter how poor you are, you got to have it and you have to give it to him cause you can't hide, you can't stop him, and you can't even cheat him. but the real bad thing is that you can't see him nor feel him, cause this creepy visitor is so shy and smooth. but what will happen when you can see him? or hear him? or feel him coming? would you welcome him in or stop him? would you struggle or cheat him? or simply you will give him what he wants? I bet you know who this creepy visitor is, yes..that is true.. he is DEATH and he wants to steal your LIFE

    5 EGP