The Trip Life's journey from nothing to destiny

Author: Mostafa Elbaba مصطفى البابا
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This work was shortened from the beginning and end books of Sheikh Abu al-Fida Imad al-Din Ismail ibn Kabir, who died in 774, and the book of the ticket on the conditions of the dead and the afterlife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Qartabi, who died in 671 from the migration, may God rest his mercy on them. This work shortens the journey of existence from the beginning of creation to death and the conditions of people at the end of time and the resurrection of the hour for those who have seen it, then the resurrection and reckoning to the final destiny. It is well known by reason and transport that those who have died have risen, whose resurrection has taken place, and who do not witness the conditions of the Resurrection until God has sent it. I did not mention life after the death of the first prophets Adam to the death of the last prophets Muhammad( peace be upon him), nor to the biography of those who were after him, nor to the previous or future times, which represent the rest of the book of beginning and end. The book is divided into fivejuan. Part 1: The Beginning Part 2: Moving Part 3: The End Part 4: Return Part 5: Destiny

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