The theory of Arab national security and the contemporary development of international dealings in the Middle East

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By: Prof. Hamed Rabie **************** Foreign policy is no longer the craft of amateurs, and man has not known in its long history a stage in which the management of the ship of international dealings reached the complexity it has reached today. Understanding the facts that surround us - albeit within a limited framework - requires a complete life. We should not be deceived by hearing that people of limited culture and scientific history were destined for supreme leadership in great societies such as the United States or the Soviet Union! This is because around the leader in those systems is a whole group of experts, and the national policy in those countries is not made by an individual will, but rather is the result of established traditions formulated by institutions that may not appear obvious to the eye but are of constant effectiveness. This fact becomes more dangerous when we rise to the level of positive interaction, with what it means of trying to control events and lead the ship of international conflict, with what this imposes of the need to build a clear perception of goals and methods of practice, not only in case of success, but also in case of failure, as both The two assumptions - success and failure - have different degrees. The danger increases when the leader finds himself having to make a quick decision in several moments, and he is able - that decision - to determine the fate of his nation and the fate of his regime for several generations. ********* Pages: 700

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