Author: فريق كتبنا
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Growing up, Jameela lived a sheltered life. She raised protective walls and shields around her, trusting no one but herself, her mother, and her best friend. She was an artist who devoted her life to her craft and to the two women she loved most. She didn't like change, nor did she seek it.

But change was inevitable. Jameela's perfectly peaceful life was unraveled by a sudden tragic loss and a crushing debt.

Now, with her whimsical friend's help and the sudden entrance of magnetic Aly Al Alfy, Jameela sets out to reinvent herself, discover the mysteries of social life and chase her dreams.

Can she overcome the challenges of her past?

Will this budding romance prove to be a blessing or a curse?

Can she finally see her dreams come true? Or will her life once more unravel?


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  • Hoda Khafagi

    Aug 14, 2023

    This book is a heart-felt! The lines just flow and it makes me feel I’m part of the story. The characters are very real that I can easily relate to them. Looking forward to the end, yet I’m enjoying the journey and take sometime to reflect.

  • Sahar Haddad

    Aug 20, 2023

    A realistic story of love, friendship, unhealed trauma, and ambition. I really enjoyed the storyline. Loved how genuine the characters are. And how realistic the plot is. A good read for when you want to get hooked and disconnect. Can’t wait for more from this awesome author ♥️

  • Heba

    Aug 23, 2023

    What an amazing book.. just when you start reading you are taken to a world of romance & emotions with a light sense of humor... the beauty of details in every line nourishes the soul & heart leaving you with a smile that sticks to your lips while you go through the pages of this lovely book

  • Omnia El Kouny

    Aug 23, 2023

    A page turner that makes one realize through the story of a simple girl how one can be imprisoned in his/ her past traumas and how they can cripple one’s life if he/she does not become aware of them