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  • The Invisibility: Metaphysics and Insensibility

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    <p>In the people, myths and legends about hidden worlds were revealed, what was missing from the sense in the human world is a deep sea in which all of its buckets are thrown through times and ages without account or proof, so in this sea the truth is mixed with falsehood, and many stories and legends are multiplied by the accumulation of time and the development of cultures, boredom and philosophies. The stories and stories about the world of elves and demons were mixed with the paranormal of scientific nature, and spread among people who possess extraordinary abilities above known human abilities. For all this, the author of this work was motivated by the search for the hidden worlds of man&#39;s sense, in an easy and elaborate manner. In a few papers we tour the world of elves and its impact on human life, and dive into the reality of paranormal beyond the reality of ordinary human abilities, and look at the reality of hidden powers, and review absences from the physical world of imaginations and illusions of the mind, study the relationships of the body in man and animal in spirit and soul, and swim in the world of sleep, dreams and even absences before death. This research excludes the interpretation of the extraordinary abilities of some human beings that occurred to those who were singled out by God by prophecy and mission, because the prophets had a connection to heaven and distinguished them from others by revelation and miracles, there is no way to research this from a scientific point of view, and the Year of God is not measured in other human beings. This research is an attempt to extract the truth from falsehood from the point of view of Islam and to reject the weak, written, lies and spoiled news, but it also reviews what has been spread among people and claimed by non-Muslims or quoted the ignorance of Muslims or the Dajjalists, as well as touring the cases of &quot;Parasikulji&quot; and their relationship to the concepts of Islam. For the purpose of coordination and science systems, this book was divided into twelve chapters after this introduction: the first: it speaks of the fundamentals and the fundamentals in the validity of belief. Second, it refutes some of the sciences and approaches to understanding the hidden world and beyond nature. The third is to study the difference between human and animal and its impact in understanding the issues of human origin, solutions, mutants and others. Fourth, he recounts the facts and falsehoods of the world of jinn and demons, their lives and abilities. The fifth is about the truth, the details and methods of sorcery and witchcraft. Sixth: explains the process of envy and the eye, their influence and what is common about them. Seventh: He talks about the multiple phenomena of priesthood, astrology and knowledge of the future. The eighth is about the relationship of the soul, soul and body, and between sleep and death. Ninth: He talks about the phenomenon of sleep, dreams and visions. And 10: overflowing with issues of illusion, hallucinations and fantasies. The eleventh: explains the diseases of the body and the altered soul ofperception, andrefutes the sciences of medicine.</p>

  • Belief: Earth's Religions Throughout History

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    <p>The mind, if it matures, has many questions about the way of life in the journey of man to death, and this approach is based on belief, belief is believing and the origin of religion, and death is the only right that no one denies and does not prevail, including: &quot;Why am I on the religion of truth, and others on falsehood?&quot; ،... And many more! The motivation to write here was not to fortify information for the purpose of arguing or arguing with other religions and boredom, as many of our esteemed scholars did. The nature of human beings seen in people&#39;s reality reveals that man has a superior ability in three things that often make discussions a waste of time and effort. This is a book that tells the story of religions in civilizations that have appeared in humans since Adam to the present day. Every human being must know even a small part of the world of religions in order to reassure the heart of the common belief, and to be an entry point for thinking, to help to reach the right of the owner of any religion, not to be imitated without consideration. It is a fairly neutral presentation as possible in the first three chapters of what each religion has endorsed and expresses itself as the historians have written. The third chapter was to compare religions with each other in many concepts such as God and the hereafter, books, canons, etc. This chapter is not complete in the last chapter, and this chapter is not complete to prove why Islam is the religion of the right mental evidence away from the transfer evidence from the Book and sunnah to Muslims, it is not logical for anyone who reads this book from non-Muslims to list evidence or texts from a religion that does not believe in it, but Muslims are enough to guide the Holy Qur&#39;an, he has made the argument and answered all questions related to beliefs in all boredom, so it is guided and healing to those who explained his chest to his chest, this book is not directed at Muslims only, and not It is directed at a particular religion, and does not cite the texts of Islam. The sources of this book are a short transfer of four basic references, and other sub-references, these four were: &quot;The Entrance in the History of Religions&quot; by Dr. Said Murad, &quot;The Science of Comparing Religions: His Origins and His Methods&quot; by Dr. Hassan Al-Bash, and the first three parts of the book &quot;The Beginning and The End&quot; by Imam Ibn Kabir, and &quot;Boredom and Bees&quot; by Imam Shahrastani.</p>

  • The Trip Life's journey from nothing to destiny

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    <p>This work was shortened from the beginning and end books of Sheikh Abu al-Fida Imad al-Din Ismail ibn Kabir, who died in 774, and the book of the ticket on the conditions of the dead and the afterlife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Qartabi, who died in 671 from the migration, may God rest his mercy on them. This work shortens the journey of existence from the beginning of creation to death and the conditions of people at the end of time and the resurrection of the hour for those who have seen it, then the resurrection and reckoning to the final destiny. It is well known by reason and transport that those who have died have risen, whose resurrection has taken place, and who do not witness the conditions of the Resurrection until God has sent it. I did not mention life after the death of the first prophets Adam to the death of the last prophets Muhammad( peace be upon him), nor to the biography of those who were after him, nor to the previous or future times, which represent the rest of the book of beginning and end. The book is divided into fivejuan. Part 1: The Beginning Part 2: Moving Part 3: The End Part 4: Return Part 5: Destiny</p>