Negma Fe Ez ElDdohr.

Author: Doaa Sadawy Ahmed Elelwany .
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While I was writing this book, I loved letting it be read not only once and then putting it down. God willing, this will be one of the books you will keep in your library, and hopefully it will be there for you from time to time in the times when you will still need psychological support. I wrote to you a summary of the skills and advice I have read and the experiences I have learned. Among the influential figures in my life that I lived through my humble experience and the journey of awareness that I enjoyed in all its details during my study of mental health - studying mental health, from my point of view, is like anatomy, but this autopsy is psychological... And keep in mind that mental health is no less important than physical health, because your safety Psychological health is the first step on your path to true happiness in life - just like your physical safety. The soul and body are an inseparable part, each one supporting the other... Many people think that mental health is considered a luxury, but as I mentioned a little while ago, its importance is not at all less than physical health. There is nothing more, and that is why it is considered a top priority. Psychological safety, from my point of view, is the elixir of life that allows you to face any psychological battle and defeat it. I wrote these skills here. Understand them and apply them in your life and learn from them. God willing, you will be able to benefit from these skills and it will be a special book for you. I hope that God will help me and grant me success, and that I will be able, with this book, to have a mark and help even just one person in improving and developing himself and changing his life. For the better and he appreciates that by reading the book he provides a different luxury for himself. I hope that I will leave a good impact on the heart of whoever reads this book and that my book will be the reason that makes him happy even if only one day in a person’s life.......

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